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NeuroSpec is an archive of MATLAB routines for Multivariate Fourier Analysis of Time Series and/or Point Process Data.

NeuroSpec 1.0 Released Nov 2002.
NeuroSpec 2.0 Released Feb 2008. Update to plotting (ver 2.01) released Jul 2016.
NeuroSpec 2.1 Released Jun 2015.
NeuroSpec 2.11 Released Jul 2016.
NeuroSpec 2.2 Released Oct 2018.

For future release plans - see news page.

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  Background   Introduction and Background Information on NeuroSpec.
  FAQ   NeuroSpec Frequently asked questions.
  Download Version 2.0 of the software archive (84 kB).
 Additional update for Type 2 plotting (version 2.01, 10 kB).
  Original: neurospec20.pdf
 Update: neurospec201.pdf
  Download the User Guide for Version 2.0 (282 kB).
  Additional User Note for Version 2.01 update (113 kB).   Download Version 2.11 of the software archive (16.2 MB).
   For non-parametric directionality analysis: Unconditional analysis
   for two signals, and conditional analysis for three signals.
  neurospec211.pdf   Download the User Guide for Version 2.11 (299 kB).   Download Version 2.2 of the software archive (15.2 MB).
   Adaptive spectral tracking for coherence estimation.
  neurospec22.pdf   Download the User Guide for Version 2.2 (1 MB).
  Archive   Archive page, with previous releases.
  News   NeuroSpec News page.


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